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Michael Gilligan of Fake Chapter Records

Episode Summary

Fake Chapter Nine: "Ghosts in the studio; pitbulls in the nursery" read by Michael Gilligan (Fake Chapter Records) - Trav's studio is haunted and Stephen is a big jerkass - Trav's dvd yardsale purchases and Stephen's judgmental movie selection review - The Real Fake Story of Michael Gilligan and Fake Chapter Records - Getting Hum onto a TV commercial - True feelings about Good Charlotte

Episode Notes

Michael Gilligan, or "Gil", has been running his own record label since 1996. Fake Chapter Records has released split CASSETTES, survived a forced name change, napster, music thievery, industry changes...and he is still going. We had some recording issues with this one so we apologize for the slight hint of wonky with the recording...BUT we took Gil's advice: He attributes "being too stupid to give up" as his secret to success. Gil has worked in the industry at Gig Records, Matador Records...SONY records...pretty impressive resume. Gil processed the Sony deal that put the Hum song "Stars" into a Chevrolet commercial. As if this dude isn't busy enough, he then writes a book! Gil has been stashing everything that he found entertaining about the music industry since 1996 and collecting his ideas to finally write about it. His book "Sex, Drugs and Cubicles: What I've Learned From The Music Industry" is available everywhere. It's a light, entertaining read and we are going to give you a copy as a thanks for listening gift. The first email we get that has a funny, music industry related story gets read on the air and gets Trav's copy of the book. It pays to read the show notes, ya'll. Thanks for listening! We love you, take care. Bye-bye.

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Trav's old band The Houselights from Gil's label in 2004!!!

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